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I realized that Jesus loved me unconditionally, He infused me with His Grace and Peace.

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I am originally from Maine but since I’ve been in Charlotte NC so long (24 years) my husband likes to joke my blood has thinned so much over the years I am officially now a true Southern Belle! (It’s true, in Maine a day with a high of 50* and sunny is beautiful, now, here in Charlotte I am reaching for my sweater:), yup, thin blood!) I recently celebrated my 10th anniversary to my husband, Dwane, yes, it’s spelled correctly, there is no Y in his name, and we share 4 amazing kids. The journey I walk really started when I was in my early 20’s, though I did grow up in the church, I was not exposed to the ‘relationship’ part of our faith to Jesus until then. It took a few years of my ‘being’ saved but not really growing into this new relationship with Jesus but now as I look back it was like He said, “ok, I have waited long enough for you, I’m stepping in” and boy did He. When I was 26 Jesus started bringing certain people into my life, you know the ones, they come into your life for a special reason? THAT is when I started on the path that brings me to WHO I am today. It’s crazy to look back and see how doggedly Jesus pursued me, I mean, you’d have thought that I was someone special!! (Thats a blog all in itself right!)
my aha moment

I had truly stopped caring about what people thought of me. I only cared about what Jesus thought of me.

My Mission

As I look back over the last 20 plus years of my life, think of all the good and bad, yes, some very heavy stuff, that has happened in my and my families life and how I had to cleve to Jesus just to make it to the next day I realized that just maybe my experiences with our amazingly faithful God, could be helpful to other woman that have faced hardship and want to see how Jesus can help them too.

My purpose with my grace walk blog is to not be a biblical scholar, for I am not! I am a wife, a mom, working woman who has transformed into a Jesus Chasing Gal, my purpose is to share and chat with you, to encourage, to hopefully build a community of sisters as we travel this road of life together. Using my experiences I want to show you how God was with me while I was broken, that while I cleaved to Him, He was building me back into the woman He made me to be.

I would love to share my journey of spiritual belief, faith and growth, share how Jesus took all the good, all the bad and used it for HIS glory as He put me be back together to be the woman, wife and mom He designed (and helped me evolve into the ‘chasing Jesus kind of gal I am) me to be.
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