Preach God’s Truth to Yourself and Practice what you Preach!

Truthfilled by Ruth Chou Simons

In Conclusion; Week five and week six

Let’s read Colossians 4:2-18

Well, Friends, it’s that time. Time to summarize and conclude our study. This study, in particular, has shown me how much we all need to preach to ourselves. Ruth said it best in that if we don’t preach to ourselves, someone else will. It’s your choice who you want to listen to.

This world can seem like a black hole for many of us. It’s filled with sadness and unhappiness, with unrest and fear. People that do not know the Word, what it says, and how it can save us will preach what they ‘hear.’ They will take for gospel the news or what they see on their computer as the truth.

Is this the person you want preaching to you on how you should be living your life?

Perhaps then, you want to listen to someone that knows and studies the word of God! Someone that knows how much he loves you. Someone that hurts when you hurt and laughs when you laugh. Someone who encourages and promotes instead of discourages and demotes.

Wait! This person sounds a lot like YOU! That’s right, friends; as believers and students of God’s word, we have the love letters from our Source to talk ourselves right into being the people we were made to be. God’s people.

I decided to put week 5 and week 6 together because they go hand and hand, you need to remember what God gives us, and we need to put it into practice. Therefore, let me share what I learned about our mighty God and how he wants us to preach to ourselves.

Ruth talked about growth and what it really looks like.

Growth can…
  • looks messy
  • stretches all our resources
  • takes work
  • makes everything worth it

I chuckled when I saw she used the word messy….can you relate? How often do you feel like your spiritual path is just a collage of disfunction? On my best day, I feel like I am scattered in several different areas. Can I get an Amen? That is why I resonated with how often Ruth says you have to work at knowing the Lord and the provisions he extends to us. If we do not know what He wants to give us, how can we preach it to ourselves?

Read Philippians 1:6 below.

And I am sure of this, that he who began a good work in you will bring it to completion at the day of Jesus Christ. Phillipians 1:6

We must remember his provisions daily.

Here are just a few provisions we discussed, its funny; we know them in our head, but to see them on paper helps you remember them in your heart.

"The Lord is my shepherd, I shall not want"
"He makes me lay down in green pastures"
"He leads me besidw still waters"
"He restores my soul"

Psalm 23 

These are just a few of the beautiful promises He makes to us in Psalm 23. I would encourage you to read it in its entirety. It is well worth it.

Consequently, knowing what the Lord wants us to have and actually taking it and practicing it are, unfortunately, two very different actions.

In conclusion, we must make it a daily practice to preach to ourselves, to fill our own heads and hearts with the desires of our Lord. He wants you to breathe in his words of promise from scripture.

Let us hold fast the confession of our hope without wavering, for he who promised is faithful. Hebrews 10:23

I wish I could tell you the practice part is easy, but we all know that it’s not. We all know how life is like a rushing river that can sweep you along on a course you did not set. Nevertheless, we must strive toward that goal.

Since we have the source of what to preach, it’s the matter of making ourselves a priority.

To illustrate how easy it is to not focus on yourself, think about where you spend time during your day. Having a few extra minutes to unwind, do you look at Facebook, Instagram, maybe the news channel? Despite believing it is fun and harmless, I will tell you that I sign out of my page many times feeling defeated.

All the perfect pictures leaving me feeling like I am nowhere near as good as the people I see there. The perfect pictures, the success stories of another goal achieved, children, behaving like they actually like their siblings? I mean, come on!! When we shake our heads and clear the muck of deception out there, we know there is no true perfect picture. Equally important is that we know these posts are where some are getting their affirmation.

Dedication and determination are what keeps me preaching to my heart.


  • I have what I need.
  • I am well care for by God.
  • I am secure in Christ because of the gospel.

Promises from our God, the true resource of our happiness and spiritual growth.

I pray, sisters, take this practice to heart and make it a daily occurrence in your life. One thing I can promise is you will be rewarded with God’s holy presence and abounding love.




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