“Truthfilled-Respond in Faith!

Week Four

By Ruth Chou Simons

Read Colossians 2:4-23

Do you have identity issues? Most of us would say ‘no’ I know exactly who I am if asked that question. But do you? It is so easy in today’s world to get lost in the ‘perfection’ of what others present to us as their normal on whatever social platform they use.

When I spend too much time on Instagram or Facebook, I can really start to feel depressed. I don’t see that the pictures people post may have taken all day for them to capture. All I feel is ineptness. Of course, that leaves me feeling like I should be more like them, wondering why my life is not the perfect ‘show ‘n tell” story they present of theirs.

I have forgotten who I am and WHOSE I am. That is the main lesson in this week’s video with Ruth. I feel that it is one of our biggest pulls away from who we are in Christ.

I have to be so careful that I don’t let someone else tempt me to forget that I belong to Jesus and because I absolutely believe in him and know who he is, I know where I can find my identity.

Ruth said: “Without Christ, we would be trying to define ourselves with degrees, labels, achievements, associations, awards, and appearances. Without Jesus, I would always be trying to define myself through another’s approval.”

Ruth also talks about how practicing something over and over will create a habit. Is there something you do that you do so often, you feel like you can do it in your sleep? Think about what that is. Think about how often you do it. Are the consequences of that action good for you? How often do you do it, so it is a habit?

That is how we need to preach to ourselves the triumphant words of Jesus ourselves. If we don’t habitually tell ourselves who we are and whose we are, the social media of the world will!

Below is a snippet from our study that I really wanted to share. Its Ruths steps on how to preach to your own heart.

Practice Preaching To Your Own Heart

First, read the below scripture.

Why, my soul, are you downcast?

Why so disturbed within me?

Put your hope in God, for I will yet praise him,

my Savior and my God.

Psalm 42:5

  1. Identify the care. What’s the issue? Why are yoyu “downcast”?
  2. Tell your sould waht to do. Put your hope in God.
  3. Embrace gospel hope. How does the good news of Christ (the gospel) change your perspective?

These are 3 wonderful steps to start learning how to practice preaching what your heart and mind need to hear.

I encourage you to read Colossians 2:4-23. The best place to start is scripture. Over and over again.




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