Week Seven-God of Covenant-Jen Wilkin

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A study of Genesis 37-41

Chapter 37 is about one of the most popular stories in the Bible. Jacob had 11 sons but greatly favored the two born from Rachel, Joseph, and Benjamin. The other sons were so jealous of Joseph that they hated him and mistreated him. Of course, Joseph didn’t help matters when he was placed in charge of his older brother. He certainly did not make friends of them when he told them one day they would bow down to him, that he knew this because of a dream from God he interpreted.

The brothers first wanted to kill him but did not want to tell Jacob to sell him into slavery. This is how Joseph made his way to Egypt. 

Eventually, Joseph arrives in Egypt, and because God uses him in his captivity, he quickly rises to assist Pharaoh. You see, God blessed everything Joseph did. Crops and livestock multiplied under Joseph’s care. The more it grew into great wealth, the more responsibility Pharaoh gave to him. 

Pharaoh had a wife that was in lust with Joseph and wanted to sleep with him. Joseph was adamant about not sleeping with her because he knew Pharaoh would kill him. Unfortunately, that did not stop the wife. When Joseph continued to deny her, she became angry and lied, saying Joseph attacked her, he was thrown in jail. 

Joseph was in jail for a long time, over 2 years, when the Pharaoh had a dream that no one could explain. Joseph explained the dreams of two men he was in prison with, the cupbearer and the baker. When no one could interrupt Pharaoh’s dream, the cupbearer remembered Joseph in prison and told Pharaoh. 

Joseph was released from prison and taken to Pharaoh; Joseph explained the dream, telling Pharaoh that a famine was coming. They would first have 7 years of great fortune in the crops, followed by 7 years of great hardship because of the drought. He explained the famine would be so bad that it would destroy many countries. But, if they prepared well, they would survive and help other countries survive it as well. 

During this time of preparing for the great draught, Joseph married and had two sons. He named the oldest son Manasseh because God made him forget his hardship, and the younger one was Ephraim, which meant that God had made him fruitful.  God took the worst of times, sold into slavery, and blessed Joseph with prosperity and a family.

Eventually, as Joseph had interrupted, the famine came to Egypt, but they had bread for everyone because of his planning. In fact, people start traveling to Egypt from other countries, seeking to buy grain.




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