God of Covenant bible study by Jen Wilkin

Week Three – Covenant of God by Jen Wilkin

A Study of Genesis 21-25

This week we see God fulfill his promise to Abraham and Sarah. Sarah finally gives Abraham a son, Isaac. God also tests Abraham’s faith in a major way. Abraham loves Isaac very much and faces a test of obedience that many of us would not like to take.

The Covenant of God was honored when Isaac was circumcised when he was eight days old. There was a lot to tension between Rebekah and Hagar over the boys, Ishmael and Isaac. When Rebekah thought Ishmael was mocking Isaac she made Abraham make her leave their home. They wondered in the wilderness as they has no other home. Hagar cried tot to God in desperation. God heard and send his messenger to assure her Ishmael would grow up and be a successful archer. Abraham makes a covenant with Abimelech, a covenant where they would treat each other well so they could live in harmony.

Test of Loyalty

God and Abraham had a special relationship and it was tested when God asked for a big sacrifice from Abraham. He wanted Abraham to sacrifice his son, Isaac. Being loyal, Abraham set out to do that, believing God would somehow return Isaac to him. Right when Abraham was going to it, an angel of the Lord stopped him. 

We also mourn the loss of Sarah. Abraham loved her very much and purchased land to bury her in. Sarah was 127 years old. 

Abraham wants to get a wife for Isaac. He did not want a Canaanite to marry Isaac. Abraham got a trusted servant to pledge this to him. The servant promised to go to Abraham’s homeland to find a wife for Isaac. This is where we meet Rebekah. 

Abraham marries another wife. They have six children, Abraham’s family is multiplying. Just like God promised it would. Abraham passes at a very old age, satisfied with his life.

Isaac and Rebekah

After praying to the Lord on Rebekah’s behalf she became pregnant with twins and had Esau and Jacob. The babies struggled together within her, so she went to the Lord. He told her there were 2 nations in her womb, that they will be divided, as well as one being stronger and the older serving the younger. In case you missed any of the previous weeks, click here.




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